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What is going on here? What did this place look like in former times? Who lived and worked here? dort!is a platform for stories about places.

If you miss broadcastr - dort! could be your alternative. Create audiovisual guides to places of interest. If it's a guide to street art or baroque architecture, a guide to lost places or beautiful nature spots - it can all happen on geostories.info. It's a place for oral history projects and treasure hunting games, for poetry soundwalks and magical mystery tours.

Geostories can consist of audio, video, images and writing. Geostories can be enjoyed on the PC, on tablets and smartphones. On GPS-enabled devices geostories are played automatically as soon as the user passes the given spot. Users can choose specific tours or can use the function "what's near".


As yet, there is no open registration, but if you would like to get an account, just let me know.

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Wien 1848

a guide to places of the revolution of 1848 in Vienna
(In German)

J├╝disches Leben in Wien

a guide to Jewish life in Vienna before 1938
(In German)


a collection of old views of Vienna streets.

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